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GEA enhances LoTo valve locking for aseptic process maintenance expansion

GEA enhances LoTo valve locking for aseptic process maintenance expansion aseptic processes", expands, GEA, LoTo valve locking, maintenance. Food and Beverage Business

GEA, a leading provider of process plant technology, has announced the addition of lockout-tagout (LoTo) devices to its range of aseptic double-seat valves. These devices are designed to enhance safety in food manufacturing plants by isolating machinery from potentially hazardous energy sources during maintenance and servicing.

Accidents in production are often caused by inadequately secured process plants. Unauthorized activation of machinery during maintenance can release stored energy, such as hydraulic pressure, compressed air, gas, steam, electrical energy, or fluids, which can pose significant risks to both personnel and equipment. GEA’s Aseptomag double chamber valves, acting as transfer points between process steps, play a crucial role in controlling and securing the plant’s energy supply effectively with LoTo.

“An increasing number of companies are recognizing the importance of protecting against the sudden release of residual energy, and our LoTo system provides a simple yet effective solution,” explains Pascal Bär, senior director of product management for GEA’s aseptic valve technology. “Our Aseptomag valves can be easily locked with a socket pin, eliminating the need to remove the control top.”

GEA’s LoTo system for hygienic valve technology was initially introduced in 2021 and has now been expanded to include the entire valve portfolio. The aseptic double-seat valves, namely GEA Aseptomag DK, are equipped with a modified valve actuator that includes a special lantern and piston rod extension for the socket pin. By inserting the socket pin into the lantern opening until the metallic stop is reached, the valve is securely locked. A red safety clamp around the threaded ring provides visual confirmation of the locked state, and the use of a padlock ensures seamless identification and documentation.

By incorporating LoTo devices into their manufacturing processes, dairies, beverage, food, and new food manufacturers can consistently secure their plants in compliance with the highest hygiene standards.

In summary, GEA’s expansion of its Aseptomag range with LoTo devices offers food manufacturing companies a straightforward and effective solution to prevent accidents caused by the release of residual energy during maintenance. By utilizing these devices, plants can mitigate potential risks to personnel and equipment, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and maintaining the highest level of hygiene.

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