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Loryma Introduces New Plant-Based Egg Substitute for Baking Ingredients

Loryma Introduces New Plant-Based Egg Substitute for Baking Ingredients bakery products, egg alternative, Loryma, plant-based Food and Beverage Business

Loryma, an ingredients specialist, has launched a new wheat-based compound that replaces the functionality of egg and milk in vegan dough. The product, known as Lory® Stab, perfectly mimics the technological properties of egg or milk in bakery products, resulting in a convincing visual appearance and authentic mouthfeel.

The wheat-based mix is free of animal ingredients, artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives. It can be used to create various vegan doughs, including muffins, sponge cakes, cake bases, and lava cakes, all of which exhibit the typical airy texture, light crumb, and consistent pore structure.

When combined with other ingredients such as flour, sugar, oil, water, and flavorings, Lory® Stab produces a viscous mass that easily incorporates additional ingredients like chocolate chunks or fruit. The neutral smell and taste of the mix allow for individual recipes and a wide range of applications, meeting the increasing demand for plant-based bakery products.

According to Norbert Klein, Head of Research and Development at Loryma, the finished baked goods made with Lory® Stab perfectly imitate the sensory properties of non-vegan products. This makes it an economical and efficient solution for manufacturers looking to broaden their market appeal.

Loryma specializes in wheat-based food ingredients designed to optimize industrially produced foods. For over 40 years, the company has been a forward-thinking partner for international food companies, offering wheat-based raw materials and blends to enhance the stability, texture, and taste of various food products, including meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, convenience, confectionery, and baked goods.

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