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Bisleri and TERI Collaborate to Launch a Study on ‘Water Credits’

Bisleri and TERI Collaborate to Launch a Study on 'Water Credits' Bisleri, launch, Study, TERI, Water Credits Food and Beverage Business

Bisleri International, in partnership with TERI School of Advanced Studies, has initiated a pioneering project called “Water Credits: Impact-Adjusted Virtual Water Footprint”. This groundbreaking venture aims to set a new standard in the beverage industry’s dedication to water conservation.

The study, “Water Credits: Impact-Adjusted Virtual Water Footprint”, conducted by Bisleri International and TERI School of Advanced Studies, is a significant step towards promoting sustainable water management in the beverage industry. This collaborative effort sets a benchmark for the industry’s commitment to water conservation.

The objective of the study is to create a framework for water credits, similar to carbon credits, to encourage sustainable water management practices. Unlike carbon emissions, saving water requires a localized approach that considers factors like rainfall and consumption at a watershed level.

Angelo George, CEO of Bisleri International, emphasized the importance of the study, stating, “At Bisleri, we are proud to be a water-positive company, replenishing more water to the ground than we extract. This study will drive the realization of water credits as a practical solution by facilitating discussions and contributing to framework development.”

The study will evaluate the overall water footprint of the beverage industry, providing a comprehensive understanding of water consumption throughout the value chain. The findings will be shared with the Government of India to support framework development and advance the concept of water credits.

Furthermore, the establishment of water credits is crucial in the face of India’s increasingly stressed water resources. The commitment to promoting sustainable practices underscores the dedication to safeguarding water resources for future generations.

Last year, the Prime Minister launched the ‘Lifestyle for Environment’ (LiFE) initiative, incentivizing individual and community actions to protect the environment. Given India’s water scarcity, establishing water credits under the LiFE initiative is essential to alleviate pressure on water resources.

Bisleri International is dedicated to fostering sustainable practices and environmental conservation, leading the way towards a greener, water-positive future.

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