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Wales Food and Drink to Hold Conference on Sustainable Practices

Wales Food and Drink to Hold Conference on Sustainable Practices Conference, drink, food, Sustainability, Wales Food and Beverage Business

Wales is set to host its inaugural food and drink sustainability conference on Wednesday, July 3rd at the All Nations Centre in Cardiff. This event is open to all food businesses and professionals in Wales, offering a unique opportunity to enhance knowledge and expertise in sustainable practices.

The Food & Drink Wales Sustainability Conference, organized by the Welsh Government’s Food & Drink Wales Sustainability Cluster in partnership with the Food & Drink Wales Insight Programme, aims to assist businesses in improving sustainability in key areas relevant to consumers. Through a combination of interactive activities and networking opportunities, attendees will gain valuable insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

The conference will also showcase the Welsh Government’s efforts to enhance the environmental performance of the food and drink industry, as well as highlight successful sustainability initiatives undertaken by businesses. Participants will have the chance to engage in the Carbon Reduction Plan Pilot Programme, which aids in establishing baseline carbon emissions and devising actionable reduction strategies.

Mark Grant, the lead of Food & Drink Wales sustainability cluster, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming conference, emphasizing the diverse range of knowledgeable speakers slated to participate. This event presents a unique platform for food and drink businesses and professionals in Wales to collaborate, discuss, and address sustainability challenges collectively.

In a bid to create a unified front within the industry, the Cluster boasts a membership of over 100 producers and collaborates with various government bodies, academic institutions, and support organizations such as Food Innovation Wales, AMRC Cymru, FareShare, Wrap Cymru, NFU, FUW, and HCC. By serving as a central intelligence hub, the Cluster aims to equip businesses with industry insights and networks to facilitate Wales’ emergence as a global leader in sustainability.

The conference will convene experts, traders, and policymakers to delve into the latest consumer insights from Kantar, IGD, and The Food People, emphasizing the significance of sustainability in the food and drink sector. Additionally, keynote speaker Fiona Powell, IGD’s head of sustainability, will provide valuable insights on the evolving landscape of sustainable packaging and environmental labeling in the UK, offering SME delegates strategic guidance for long-term planning within their businesses.

Overall, the Food & Drink Wales Sustainability Conference presents a pivotal opportunity for industry stakeholders to collaborate, gain valuable insights, and collectively drive sustainable practices forward for a brighter and more eco-conscious future.

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