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Pilgrim’s Food Masters Employees Receive Significant Pay Raise to Combat Inflation

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Employees of Pilgrim’s Food Masters, represented by Unite the Union, have successfully resolved an industrial dispute with their employer by agreeing to a substantial pay increase of £1.02 per hour across all grades. This development comes after Unite initially rejected Pilgrim’s Food Masters’ offer of a lesser pay raise, leading to preparations for a potential strike ballot before the improved offer was accepted.

The pay improvement, which equates to a 9.3% increase for production workers currently earning £11 per hour, represents a significant rise above the current inflation rate. Team leaders and engineers also stand to benefit from pay increases of 7.6% and 5.6%, respectively. Brenda Stevenson, regional officer for the union, praised the deal as an “inflation-busting” move that will greatly benefit the low-paid workers at Pilgrim’s.

Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham lauded the success of the Pilgrim’s Food Masters employees and highlighted the importance of being prepared to take strike action in order to secure favorable outcomes. The union’s achievement in negotiating above-inflation pay improvements serves as a testament to the power of organized labor in effecting positive change for workers.

This recent victory for Unite follows renewed threats of job losses at Pilgrim’s Food Masters, where up to 260 staff members are at risk of redundancy due to the proposed closure of a manufacturing site in west London. Meanwhile, workers at Suntory Beverage & Food’s Gloucestershire factory have successfully avoided strike action after reaching a new pay agreement with the manufacturer following productive discussions.

In light of these developments, it is clear that strong union representation and effective negotiation strategies are crucial in safeguarding the interests of workers and achieving favorable outcomes in labor disputes. By remaining united and actively participating in collective bargaining efforts, employees can secure better pay and working conditions for themselves and their colleagues.

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