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Automated Robotic System for Picking Pieces in Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Automated Robotic System for Picking Pieces in Warehouse Order Fulfillment Autonomous, Order Fulfillment, Piece-Picking, Robotic, system, warehouse Food and Beverage Business

RightHand Robotics introduces its latest innovation, the RightPick™ 4 system. This groundbreaking piece-picking solution is set to transform robotic order fulfillment in modern warehouse operations and distribution centers.

Retailers are facing challenges due to the increasing demand for quicker and more precise order fulfillment, compounded by ongoing labor shortages. According to Brendon Bielat, VP of Product & Marketing, the launch of the RightPick 4 system addresses these challenges by offering enhanced autonomy, reliability, and serviceability. By leveraging over a petabyte of operational data collected over eight years and from picking millions of items worldwide, the system has been meticulously trained to tackle real-world fulfillment obstacles.

The RightPick 4 system features advanced AI-based software algorithms, an upgraded sensor suite, and redesigned hardware that boost its picking range, item handling capacity, and system autonomy. Through improved picking and grasping techniques, the system enhances reliability and facilitates faster integration through innovative software and hardware approaches.

With its sophisticated gripping strategies, the RightPick 4 system minimizes the need for human intervention by efficiently picking and placing various items, including unfamiliar ones. Enhanced smart grasp and suction seal quality detection enable RightHand Robotics to enable autonomous piece-picking across different market verticals such as general merchandise, office supplies, apparel, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and 3PLs.

Powered by RightPick™ AI, the system is continuously learning and enhancing its capabilities to successfully pick a wider range of items.

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