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AI-enabled Appointment Manager solution from FourKites

AI-enabled Appointment Manager solution from FourKites Automation, Communication, Deliveries, Streamline Food and Beverage Business

FourKites has introduced new capabilities within its AI-enabled Appointment Manager solution that automate distribution center, warehouse, plant, and cross-dock pickup, as well as delivery calendar management while simplifying communication between shippers, carriers, and drivers. This newest enhancement comes as a valuable addition to supply chain partners looking to streamline their appointment management process, save time, improve on-time performance, and reduce dwell times and detention fees.

A significant takeaway from FourKites’ latest Appointment Manager solution is the automated rescheduling feature. Leveraging FourKites’ AI-powered Dynamic ETAs, Appointment Manager can automatically reschedule early or late appointments when potential exceptions are encountered, thus relieving frontline workers from tedious administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on their daily activities. For carriers, automated rescheduling eliminates the need for continuous and manual monitoring of freight for exceptions, with calendars being automatically updated and kept in sync through Dynamic ETAs and carrier-provided ETAs.

Moreover, the revamped solution serves as a communication hub between shippers and carriers, allowing for efficient operations and faster auditing. Carriers can now invite drivers to manage and collaborate on each appointment with a unique URL, consolidating all communication in a single portal.

In addition, FourKites has improved carrier access through deeper integration with each carrier’s TMS. Shippers can now provide carriers with detailed reporting, such as reschedule recommendations, carrier appointment compliance, facility metrics, and more. This self-service environment for carriers streamlines communication, drives continuous improvement with shared metrics, and enhances shipper-carrier relationships.

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