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Wenlock Spring: Leading the Way Towards a Greener Future Through Recycling and Reuse

Wenlock Spring: Leading the Way Towards a Greener Future Through Recycling and Reuse beverage packaging, circular economy, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Recyclable packaging Food and Beverage Business

Wenlock Spring, a premium water brand, is taking steps to enhance its energy efficiency and combat waste in the food and drink packaging industry. As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, the family-run business has implemented several measures to minimize energy wastage throughout its operations.

In addition to traditional recycling methods, Wenlock Spring utilizes technology that prevents the unnecessary release of air and heat, repurposing them elsewhere within the production process. This technology allows the company to reduce energy consumption by 35% on the machine responsible for bottle production.

Matthew Orme, director of Wenlock Spring, explained, “Our air recovery kit enables us to reuse air that would otherwise be lost, resulting in a significant reduction in energy consumption. For our large 1.5 litre bottles, we recover so much air that we can reintroduce it into the air system across our entire site, thereby, extensively reusing it.”

The company also harnesses recovered heat from its compressors to decrease its energy consumption further. Rather than discarding the heat into the atmosphere, the heat is captured, stored in a tank, and utilized for hot washing the reusable bottles. This sustainable approach not only eliminates the need to use electricity for water heating but also supplies hot water for sinks and washbasins.

Moreover, Wenlock Spring has adopted a carbon-neutral biomass system by cultivating a miscanthus crop on its premises. This crop serves as a renewable fuel source for providing hot water and heating. Embracing a circular economy, the company recycles 99% of all packaging used in the bottling process.

To further bolster its dedication to sustainable food and drink packaging, Wenlock Spring recently introduced a returnable/refillable service for its 750ml glass bottles. Partnering with Milk & More and Again, the company collects, sorts, sterilizes, and refills the glass bottles, reducing the environmental impact of single-use packaging.

Matthew Orme emphasized, “As an independently-run business, we continually implement innovative solutions to improve our sustainability practices and minimize our environmental footprint. Today, we harness more energy from renewables on our site than ever before, saving over 400kWh an hour and repurposing approximately 50% of our energy.”

Based in Wolverton, near Church Stretton, Wenlock Spring sources its water from a protected historic spring dating back to 1086, located near Wenlock Edge. The water naturally filters through the rock strata, infusing it with a unique blend of minerals.

To learn more about Wenlock Spring Water and its commitment to food and drink sustainable packaging, please visit

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