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US consumers can now view Sudpack’s innovative recycling designs

US consumers can now view Sudpack's innovative recycling designs designs, recycling, Sudpack, US audience Food and Beverage Business

Südpack will showcase its range of recyclable packaging solutions at the CheeseExpo in Milwaukee, USA, on April 17-18. Visitors to booth 1537 can explore a variety of options for thermoforming applications, stand-up pouches, and flowpacks that prioritize recyclability and material efficiency.

The company’s recyclable mono-structures, made from polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), offer the same functionalities as traditional composite materials. Südpack, known for its expertise in the dairy and cheese industry, ensures that these solutions can easily integrate into existing recycling streams.

Unlike conventional packaging films, the single-material solutions from Südpack boast lower CO2 equivalents and are made from environmentally-friendly polyolefins PP and PE. This makes them a more sustainable choice from an ecological standpoint.

Among the highlights at the CheeseExpo will be Südpack’s Pure-Line product family, including PE-based pouches and flowpacks designed for packaging block and shredded cheese. According to Carlo Remmele, Chief Executive of the USA Division, these stand-up pouches are compatible with existing machines and can be equipped with conventional zippers for convenience.

Additionally, Südpack will introduce a recyclable rigid film concept for producing thermoformed packaging using polypropylene. The top and bottom webs are perfectly coordinated to ensure high process and packaging reliability, enhancing food safety with optimal sealing performance and barrier properties. An easy-open Multipeel top web further extends the shelf life of the products.

For the cheese ripening industry, Südpack has developed the Tubular Bag PurePE, a PE-based alternative to traditional PA/PE structures. This solution meets stringent requirements for product protection, functionality, and barrier properties necessary for cheese ripening, earning prestigious awards for its innovation.

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