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Tribe Introduces Protein Muesli Pots in Sustainable Packaging at Tesco

Tribe Introduces Protein Muesli Pots in Sustainable Packaging at Tesco food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Recyclability Food and Beverage Business

Tribe, an innovative food brand, has introduced a new protein muesli breakfast oat blend in collaboration with Tesco. The product comes in Greiner Packaging’s sustainable K3® pot, ensuring an eco-friendly solution for food and drink packaging.

Responding to consumer demand for a high-protein natural breakfast option, Tribe co-founder Rob Martineau said, “After successfully launching the product in pouches, we are excited to bring it to the ready-to-go instant breakfast cereal category.”

The instant breakfast oat blend by Tribe is available in two delicious flavors, Raspberry Nut Crunch and Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut. These gluten-free and vegan-friendly pots are packed with natural plant energy, offering a guilt-free and nutritious start to the day with each pot containing 10g of protein.

Martineau proudly mentioned, “Tribe Protein Muesli Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut is the first protein breakfast in the UK to be honored with a Great Taste Award. Tribe’s ethos of ‘Natural plant energy. Fuel without compromise’ is all about exceptional flavor.”

To ensure sustainability, Tribe chose to use Greiner Packaging’s K3® packaging, known for its perfectly recyclable properties. The lightweight PP cup is wrapped in a cardboard sleeve, allowing for easy separation and recycling.

The collaboration between Greiner Packaging and Tribe has been highly successful in swiftly bringing the Protein Muesli instant breakfast porridge pots to market. Rachel Sheldon, Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland Sustainability & Innovation Manager, expressed her satisfaction, stating, “Our recyclable K3® plastic-cardboard cup perfectly aligns with the Tribe branding, and it is a proud moment for us to see this new delectable product available nationwide in Tesco.”

In addition to their focus on creating sustainable products, Tribe is also committed to fighting modern slavery. Martineau shared, “Tribe was established ten years ago, inspired by a ‘run for love’ campaign aimed at fighting child trafficking. Since then, the Tribe community has raised over £1.5m for our registered charity, the Tribe Freedom Foundation, which works towards ending modern slavery.”

Tribe Freedom Foundation, in collaboration with the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and Stop The Traffik, recently launched an impactful project called ‘Foodies Fighting Slavery: An Agenda for Action for UK Food & Drink SMEs.’ This project has gained endorsement from major UK supermarkets.

Martineau emphasized, “The UK food and drink industry predominantly consists of small and medium-sized businesses. While SMEs express the desire to combat slavery within their supply chains, they often feel powerless to take action. ‘Foodies Fighting Slavery’ empowers tens of thousands of SMEs by equipping them with practical tools and knowledge.” Martineau aims to bring about positive change within the food industry.

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