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Success in Galician Drinks Industry: Estrella Galicia’s Innovation and Tradition

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Nestled in the far northwest of Spain is the region of Galicia, known for its frequent rain and lush green hills that resemble the Irish coast. Galicia is a hub for farming and fishing, with a strong emphasis on the quality and variety of its produce. Jesús Martínez Garcia, plant manager for beverage producer Hijos de Rivera, acknowledges the importance of origin, passion, and creativity in Galician products, stating, “The high appreciation consumers have for Galician produce is based on a long manufacturing tradition for high-quality produce.”

Estrella Galicia, the flagship beer of the family-run business, is a light, golden brew made with bitter malt and hops, taking over 20 days to brew, ferment, and mature. The company prides itself on its willingness to experiment, with brewer Luis Alvar mentioning unique flavors like chestnuts, pumpkin, and honey in their limited-edition releases. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its traditional yet modern approach to brewing.

In 2019, MEGA, a beer culture experience center, and museum were opened on the brewery premises, showcasing the company’s history and innovative spirit. Despite its success, Estrella Galicia continues to focus on its lager, with plans to sell almost five million hectoliters of beer by 2023. The company is investing in a new production plant to support its growth and has partnered with KHS, a leading technology supplier, to expand its packaging capabilities.

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Hijos de Rivera introduced the Nature MultiPack packaging system, a sustainable alternative to traditional packing methods, with impressive results. The company’s marketing campaign highlighting the environmentally-friendly packaging option has resonated well with consumers, leading to increased market share. In addition to marketing initiatives, Estrella Galicia sponsors various events and sports teams to strengthen its brand identity and connect with consumers.

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Estrella Galicia’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond packaging to energy-efficient technologies and recyclable materials. By choosing the beverage can as its primary packaging option, the brewery aims to reduce its carbon footprint and promote recyclability. With KHS as a reliable technology partner, Hijos de Rivera looks towards a sustainable future with continued growth and innovation in the food and drink packaging industry.

[1] Spent grain = the residue from the brewing malt produced during beer production that can be used industrially or as animal feed.

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