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SMUG’s New Eco-friendly Achievement: Parkside Develops Compostable Crisp Packet

SMUG's New Eco-friendly Achievement: Parkside Develops Compostable Crisp Packet compostable, crisp packet, develops, Parkside, SMUG Food and Beverage Business

According to Parkside, the brand is utilizing Park2Nature, a compostable material that can be easily disposed of in regular domestic compost heaps. Parkside asserts that this material will completely degrade into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass within 26 weeks. It can also be sent for industrial composting, where it will decompose within 12 weeks.

In addition, the packaging incorporates Parkside’s plant-based laminate in a duplex format, which offers an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of below 1.0.

SMUG is launching its hand-fried potato crisps in the UK with an initial flavor of Cacio e Pepe, with plans for two more flavors in 2024. This brand is a new endeavor from Merry Galelli, a food and drink marketing agency based in Shoreditch.

Mark Shaw, sales account manager at Parkside, stated, “Cutting-edge brands require cutting-edge sustainable packaging to match. We are thrilled to collaborate with Merry Galelli on the introduction of their innovative SMUG brand crisps. Sustainability plays an increasingly significant role in the purchasing decisions of today’s consumers, making home compostable packaging ideal for fresh new brands aiming to disrupt a highly competitive category.”

Stephen Merry, co-founder at Merry Galelli, added, “We are confident that SMUG crisps will impress consumers with their quality and taste, so it is crucial that our packaging entices and encourages shoppers to give them a try.

“Parkside has delivered packaging that not only allows us to create visually captivating packaging that protects and preserves the freshness of our crisps, but also aligns with our own sustainability goals and the preferences of our target consumer.”

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