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Sappi Gratkorn Investment Project Proceeding Successfully with Parade Label WS Paper Production

Sappi Gratkorn Investment Project Proceeding Successfully with Parade Label WS Paper Production beverage packaging, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, labels, paper Food and Beverage Business

Sappi, a leading provider in the label paper sector, is making significant investments in its production site in Gratkorn, Austria to strengthen its position in the industry. The expansion of the technical infrastructure, announced 18 months ago, is progressing according to schedule. The first batches of the new wet-strength and alkali-resistant Parade Label WS paper have been successfully produced and delivered to selected customers as part of a validation program. The results have exceeded expectations, with the validation phase set to continue until summer 2024. Interested parties can now request product samples to experience the benefits firsthand.

The new Parade Label WS is a double-coated label paper with a functional reverse side coating, offering exceptional surface quality for impressive printing and finishing outcomes. Available in basis weights from 65 to 80 g/m², in embossed and non-embossed versions, the paper is compatible with all standard printing processes and is ideal for creating high-quality labels, especially for returnable containers in the food and beverage sector. With excellent lay-flat properties and support for common printing and finishing techniques, it provides versatility and performance for various applications.

In response to market feedback, the wet-strength and alkali-resistant paper previously known as “Parade Label Pro WS” has been rebranded as “Parade Label WS” to distinguish it from the non-wet-strength counterpart. This strategic change aligns with Sappi’s commitment to offering clarity and quality across its label paper portfolio.

Sappi’s Gratkorn site now hosts three distinct label papers: the wet-strength Parade Label WS, the non-wet-strength Parade Label Pro, and the self-adhesive Parade Label SG. This expansion aims to solidify the Austrian site as a key center for label papers within the company’s global network. With a strong focus on flexibility, reliability, and innovation, Sappi is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the market and providing customers with top-notch paper solutions.

To request product samples of the new Parade Label WS or to learn more about Sappi’s offerings, visit the official website []. For additional information about Sappi, please visit [].

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