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Qupaq Unveils New Tray-Loading Solution for Meat-Packing Industry, Introducing the Qupaq Flex Loader

Qupaq Unveils New Tray-Loading Solution for Meat-Packing Industry, Introducing the Qupaq Flex Loader food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Machinery Food and Beverage Business

Qupaq introduces the innovative Qupaq Flex Loader, a tray-loading solution that addresses urgent challenges in the meat-packing industry. This high-speed, high-capacity loader offers seamless transitions between tray types and various product quantities, providing unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

Launching at Anuga Food Tec 2024 in Cologne, Germany, on March 19th, the Qupaq Flex Loader builds on the success of the company’s renowned tray-denesting brands, Intray and Anytray.

One of the key features of the Qupaq Flex Loader is its ability to handle high-speed loading while maintaining modular flexibility. This means quick adaptation to different trays and products on the same line, without the need for complex machinery alterations. The technology behind the loader eliminates space between trays and uses a perforated belt to generate a vacuum, resulting in faster processing and greater control.

This innovative solution not only enhances productivity in the meat-packing industry but also aligns with market trends favoring more responsive and flexible production methods. It can seamlessly switch between tray types and product varieties in less than a minute, without mechanical alternation, thanks to its modular design.

Carsten Trudslev, Product Manager at Qupaq, explains, “This is a completely different mechanical concept than we have ever used before. With our Qupaq Flex Loader, you simply adjust the belts in the loading bay rather than changing anything mechanically when you want to switch from one tray type to another.”

The Qupaq Flex Loader has been designed to address the capacity needs of the meat-packing industry, where varying demands for different products require flexible and high-capacity processing. It was developed in response to the specific demand for loading up to 300 portions of sliced meat per minute, a challenge unmatched by existing tray loader solutions.

Qupaq’s approach to developing the Flex Loader has made it “the most versatile and adaptable tray loader in the meat-packing industry,” according to the company. It combines multi-product step-loading capabilities with straightforward single-product loading in one solution, allowing for greater production line flexibility.

Featuring technology that seamlessly integrates with all types of tray-feeding systems on the market, the Qupaq Flex Loader can be effortlessly added to existing production lines. This groundbreaking technology will be showcased at Anuga Food Tec 2024 in Cologne, Germany, 19th to 23rd of March, Hall 6.1, Booth C101.

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