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Partners Introduce Innovative Film Packaging for PepsiCo Using 50% Recycled Plastic

Partners Introduce Innovative Film Packaging for PepsiCo Using 50% Recycled Plastic 50% recycled plastic, launch, new film packaging, partners, PepsiCo Food and Beverage Business

PepsiCo recently launched new packaging for its Sunbites snack brand in the UK and Ireland, focusing on sustainability. The packaging is created by recycling plastic waste into food-grade material using an advanced recycling process. This process enables the recycled materials to meet EU regulatory requirements for food contact packaging, sensitive applications, and medical devices.

GreenDot managed the procurement and supply of post-consumer plastic packaging waste, which was then converted into TACOIL (pyrolysis oil) using Plastic Energy’s technology. INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe utilized this pyrolysis oil to produce recycled propylene and then virgin-quality recycled polypropylene resin in Lavera, France.

IRPLAST transformed the new resin into packaging films containing 50% post-consumer recycled materials that meet food contact performance standards. Amcor further processed these films into printed packaging for PepsiCo, delivering the same technical performance.

PepsiCo released the new Sunbites packaging in the UK, marking a step towards more sustainable packaging solutions. Archana Jagannathan, chief sustainability officer at PepsiCo Europe, expressed excitement about the new packaging and the potential for expanding it to more countries. She emphasized the importance of collaboration in achieving the goal of eliminating virgin fossil-based plastic in all crisp and chip packaging in Europe by 2030.

Gerald Rebitzer, sustainability director at Amcor, highlighted the collaboration with PepsiCo to enhance material technologies and integrate renewable and recycled content into packaging. This partnership aims to support clients like PepsiCo in their sustainability goals and encourages investment in supply chains for new materials.

Overall, the launch of the new Sunbites packaging exemplifies the commitment of PepsiCo and its partners to sustainable packaging practices in the food and drink industry. The collaboration and innovation showcased in this project pave the way for a more circular economy and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

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