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Nounós Creamery Selects Greiner Packaging’s Sustainable K3® Cup for New Probiotic Strained Yogurt

Nounós Creamery Selects Greiner Packaging's Sustainable K3® Cup for New Probiotic Strained Yogurt food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Recyclability Food and Beverage Business

With a background in the Mediterranean, Steven Ioannou and John Belesis, known as Nounó (God Father), identified a gap in the market for authentic Greek yogurt in the United States. Unsatisfied with the options available, they decided to create their own handcrafted yogurt recipe.

After discovering that the “Greek-style” yogurts in the U.S. lacked the richness and flavor they grew up with in Greece, Steven and John became obsessed with finding authentic Greek yogurt. Their journey led them back to Greece, where they learned the traditional craft of making yogurt, known as ‘Straggisto Yiaourti’. Combining their ingenuity and a family recipe, Nounós Creamery was born in 2013, introducing bag-strained yogurt to New York. The thick, velvety rich, all-natural yogurt quickly gained popularity among food, fitness, and fashion enthusiasts.

By January 2017, New York State certified the bag-strained yogurt for sale outside the region, allowing yogurt lovers across the country to experience real Greek yogurt.

What sets Nounós Creamery’s Greek yogurt apart?

Nounós stands out in the dairy market by prioritizing health, tradition, and sustainability, setting a new standard for yogurt consumers. Their belief in “Greek yogurt as thy medicine” reflects their commitment to providing a guilt-free indulgence.

By offering a nutrient-dense superfood with 66% more protein and 30% less sugar than traditional yogurt, Nounós caters to health-conscious consumers while ensuring each spoonful is packed with probiotics. Their unique minimal cold strain and cold fill process enhances the yogurt’s nutritional profile, taste, and texture, making it a superior choice for those seeking nourishment without sacrificing flavor.

Nounós Creamery’s probiotic strained yogurt, packed with protein and billions of probiotics including BB-12®, is available in classic plain and vanilla bean flavors. Made with natural, non-GMO ingredients, it is hormone and antibiotic-free, gluten and rBST free, with no artificial additives.

Sustainability is a core value of Nounós, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly products. Their commitment to quality extends to the planet, as they lead the way in sustainable packaging in the food industry.

Sustainable packaging choices

The use of Greiner Packaging’s K3® cardboard-plastic combination ensures stability with thin walls and a reduced CO2 footprint. The recyclable cup and wrap can be easily separated, enhancing recyclability. Nounós’ decision to switch to sustainable packaging reflects their dedication to environmental responsibility.

“Right from the start, we chose to pack our yogurt in sustainable glass pots, which are beloved by our consumers,” says John Belesis, co-founder of Nounós Creamery. “For our new probiotic strained yogurt, we have opted for Greiner Packaging’s K3® cardboard-plastic combination to offer a more accessible price point while maintaining premium quality.”

“Working with Greiner Packaging has allowed Nounós Creamery to expand its product range and establish a presence in the competitive U.S. retail sector,” concludes John Belesis.

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