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Newtec Introduces High-Speed Weighing Machine for Processed Food with Memory Pans

Newtec Introduces High-Speed Weighing Machine for Processed Food with Memory Pans food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Machinery Food and Beverage Business

Introducing the latest weighing solution from Newtec, the model 2008PCM / Memory Pans. Engineered to meet the diverse requirements of the convenience and processed food sector, including dried and snack foods, small frozen products, and small fresh, cut foods, this innovative solution incorporates memory pans for efficient portion weighing.

Mathias Theil Eilertsen, a member of the Newtec R&D team, stated, ‘Our precise and fast weighing solution is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and durable solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today’s competitive market.’ With high accuracy and speed, this solution addresses the needs of the fresh produce and ready-to-eat industries.

Product Launch at Fruit Logistica Exhibition:

Newtec unveiled this cutting-edge weighing solution at the Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin from 7th to 9th February.

Key Advantages of the Brand-New Weighing Solution:

Increased Capacity: The model 2008PCM / Memory Pans offers a significant improvement in capacity compared to its predecessor, with the capability of up to 140 portions per minute. Built for durability in industrial production environments, this compact and fast weighing machine provides a comprehensive solution for processed food applications.

High Accuracy with Combinatorial Weighing: According to Software Developer Mathias Hansen, the enhanced data processing capabilities of this new model ensure superior accuracy with less than 0.6% giveaway. The machine can be connected to Newtec WebServices for remote servicing and data capture, providing operators with an intuitive interface for ease of operation and customizable settings to meet specific product requirements.

High output with small footprint: Klas Lykke Jørgensen from the R&D team emphasizes that despite its compact design, this weighing machine delivers an impressive capacity of up to 140 portions per minute. With advanced technology, it operates as stand-alone or connected to other Newtec machines, contributing to increased production rates.

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