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New ‘Spoon-in-Lid’ Solution for Infant Formula Packaging Launched by Chadwicks

New 'Spoon-in-Lid' Solution for Infant Formula Packaging Launched by Chadwicks Chadwicks, infant formula, packaging, Spoon-in-Lid Food and Beverage Business

The innovative packaging solution developed by Tekplas and Chadwicks represents a departure from traditional methods. By securely sealing a plastic spoon within the over-lid, this new approach eliminates the need to place the scoop spoon inside the can of formula. Along with a transparent die-cut lid, these components offer a more user-friendly option for consumers.

All the packaging components, including the aluminum can, over-lid, scoop, and die-cut lid, are fully recyclable. “The issue with the existing packaging is that the scoop becomes submerged within the contents of the can. By partnering with Chadwicks, we have introduced a significantly more user-friendly and accessible solution,” said Scott Laurence, Tekplas’ general manager.

This strong partnership has allowed the companies to deliver functionality and user-friendliness to meet customer expectations. “While this application of a die-cut lid is a novel approach for both Chadwicks and Tekplas, it has already proven to be highly effective,” added John Harrison, technical sales manager for Australia/New Zealand at Chadwicks.

Such a collaborative and innovative approach to packaging is essential in an industry that is continuously evolving. With an emphasis on food and drink sustainability, sustainable packaging, food and drink consumer trends, and food and drink marketing, it becomes evident that collaboration and innovation are imperative in meeting the needs of the modern consumer.

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