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New Ishida Weigher Kit Enhances Efficiency at Snacks Manufacturer in Norway

New Ishida Weigher Kit Enhances Efficiency at Snacks Manufacturer in Norway efficiency drive, Ishida, Latest, manufacturer, Norwegian, snacks, weigher kit Food and Beverage Business

The Ishida CCW-R2-108PL solution was recently installed at the family-owned Brynild Gruppen’s factory in Fredrikstad, marking the ninth weigher to be installed at the facility. The compact design and excellent speed and accuracy of the CCW-R2-108 have proven to be a valuable addition for the launch of a new range of nuts in pots. Brynild Gruppen required a solution that could deliver speed and accuracy while minimizing the height of the overall installation to make room for the filling system beneath the weigher.

The linear design of the weigher allows for precise product flow control, with vibratory feeder troughs that carry the product to the weighing heads. This setup has allowed the weigher to be divided into two halves, delivering speeds of around 50 pots per minute in two sizes, with pinpoint accuracy close to the target weights.

The CCW-R2-108 is designed to handle 13 different nut products, many of which are coated with salt or other spices. The ribbed surface of the contact parts ensures smooth movement of the product throughout the weigher, while the dust-proof cover keeps particulate levels low. Additionally, the machine can incorporate up to 200 presets for fast changeovers between products.

Viggo Ersøybakk, project manager at Brynild Gruppen, emphasized the importance of investing in quality equipment due to the consistent performance and reliability of the machines. He stated, “Every line has a particular bottleneck, but this is never caused by the Ishida weighers.”

Ersøybakk further expressed confidence in the return on investment, noting that with their latest weigher, the high demand during the pandemic has improved the return even further. This underlines the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency in their operations.

In conclusion, the Ishida CCW-R2-108 has met Brynild Gruppen’s requirements for speed, accuracy, and compact design, making it a valuable addition to their production line.

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