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Mondi and Skånemejerier Introduce Mono-Material Packaging for Cheese That Is Recyclable

Mondi and Skånemejerier Introduce Mono-Material Packaging for Cheese That Is Recyclable cheese, dairy, packaging, plastic, Processing & Packaging, recycling, Smart packaging, Sustainability Food and Beverage Business

Mondi, a packaging manufacturer, has developed a mono-material polypropylene-based packaging that offers a solution for the food and beverage industry trends. This packaging provides a high oxygen and water vapor barrier to ensure the freshness of a range of hard and semi-soft cheeses. The mono-material structure makes it suitable for recycling, meeting food and drink sustainability and food and drink regulations.

The packaging is produced and printed by Mondi, consisting of a mono-material base, web, and lidding film made of polypropylene (PP). This innovation demonstrates food and drink industry innovation and also contributes to food and drink consumer trends. The packaging is suitable for a variety of cheeses and other applications in the food industry. It was initially designed for 1kg and 2kg blocks of Hushållsost cheese made by Skånemejerier and sold by Swedish supermarket ICA. The material could be adapted for a wider range of products.

Helene Brynell, Regional Sales Nordic Consumer Flexibles at Mondi, explained that the mono PP packaging provides a more sustainable solution by ensuring that the packaging materials remain in circulation. She emphasized that this type of packaging is suitable for many different applications in the food industry and the non-food industry, contributing to food and drink marketing and food distribution trends.

The collaboration with Skånemejerier was instrumental in refining the packaging’s materials and machinery to deliver a successful, fit-for-purpose solution. This process reflects food manufacturing trends and acknowledges consumer demands for more sustainable solutions. The release of the new packaging coincides with the opening of a new recycling facility, Site Zero, where used plastic from across Sweden and Finland will be processed. The recycling facility aims to work towards a circular economy, aligning with food and drink industry trends.

Rickard Jansson, Development Engineer at Swedish Plastic Recyclin, praised the new mono-material packaging for its potential impact on circular plastic flows, reducing the need for fossil raw materials and combustion. The innovative packaging also won the 2023 PackNorth Award in the food category, showcasing its recognition at the Empack tradeshow. This achievement reflects the impact of food processing technology and highlights Mondi’s commitment to sustainable packaging solutions.

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