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Marabu’s ‘Game-Changing’ Ink Developments Enabled by Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology

Marabu's 'Game-Changing' Ink Developments Enabled by Xaar's Ultra High Viscosity Technology beverage packaging, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Printing inks Food and Beverage Business

Leading printhead manufacturer, Xaar is revolutionizing the production of ‘game-changing’ digital inks with its Ultra High Viscosity Technology, as highlighted by global ink manufacturer, Marabu.

By enabling the printing of a much wider range of fluid viscosities and chemistries at around 100 centipoises (cP) at jetting temperature, Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology is creating new and practical production possibilities for manufacturers worldwide.

Marabu, a 165-year-old company specializing in developing digital inks, has experienced a transformation in the development of new fluids for inkjet printing. According to Tobias Lang, Marabu’s Product Manager for High Viscosity Inks, this technology is a “real step forward in industrial inkjet printing” and “a game-changer.”

Furthermore, the collaboration between decorative print machine manufacturer Koenig & Bauer Kammann, Marabu and Xaar has resulted in a groundbreaking innovation, allowing the creation of embossed effects on glass bottles and other packaging at a laydown build height up to 3mm. This advancement has been made possible by leveraging Xaar’s printheads and Marabu’s Ultra High Viscosity, showcasing the potential of high viscosity inks in traditional print applications.

Xaar’s Group R&D Director, Karl Forbes, emphasized the impact of high viscosity inks in traditional print applications during a talk titled, ‘Seeing is believing’ at FuturePrint Tech’s ‘Digital Print for Manufacturing’ conference. The ability to jet a wide range of high viscosity, high particle loaded fluids is driving change in the industry, improving print quality at higher speeds while requiring less ink and energy.

As Forbes noted, “the collaboration between all our businesses to deliver innovation in decorative printing is a prime example of what Ultra High Viscosity is enabling. I have no doubt that this project is just the start, and the combination of new ink chemistries, machine know-how and our printheads will deliver fundamental change to many industries over the next few years.”

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