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Macsa ID Print and Apply Systems Assisting Olive and Seed Oil Producer in Ensuring Compliance”

Macsa ID Print and Apply Systems Assisting Olive and Seed Oil Producer in Ensuring Compliance" compliance, Macsa, olive, print and apply, producer, seed oil, Systems Food and Beverage Business

Macsa id’s recent supply of its Integra modular software has significantly enhanced Aceites Urzante’s global logistics management process. The Spanish olive and seed oil producer, founded in 1950, exports to over 80 countries worldwide and was facing challenges in its distribution process due to its continuous global growth. Macsa id recommended its Lineal idBlocks 4020 / 6020 print and apply systems along with Integra modular software to address this issue.

The Lineal idBlocks print and apply labelling systems are designed for operation in harsh environments and can accommodate different surface lengths with a stroke from 100mm up to 800mm. Macsa id’s software facilitated integrated management of Aceites Urzante’s distribution function and ensured compliance with specific labelling regulations in the 82 countries in which it operates. This collaboration has helped solidify Aceites Urzante’s position in the industry, showcasing the effectiveness of Macsa id’s holistic approach to addressing key business challenges.

Furthermore, Macsa id’s Integra software has streamlined Aceites Urzante’s production line, improved performance and quality control, and managed the location of raw materials and finished products. The range of different software modules within the Integra software system, including Integra Connect, Integra Efficiency, Integra Warehouse, Integra Vision, Integra Track and Trace, Integra Optima, and Integranet 4.0, facilitate the integration of different equipment and centralized coding, marking, and labelling process management, as well as individual traceability of the supply chain.

The entire Macsa id Integra system at the Aceites Urzante facility is linked to Microsoft Dynamics Nav, which allows for the seamless integration of processes from different departments such as accounting, inventory management, and purchasing. The use of Macsa id’s coding and marking equipment has allowed Aceites Urzante to continue distributing its oil products globally, and the collaboration has proven to be a pivotal aspect of Aceites Urzante’s continued success in the industry.

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