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KHS Introduces Universal Adhesive for Nature MultiPack Plastic Bottles

KHS Introduces Universal Adhesive for Nature MultiPack Plastic Bottles beverage packaging, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Machinery, Recyclability Food and Beverage Business

With the launch of a universal adhesive for beverage cans, KHS is expanding this innovation to plastic bottles, enhancing the versatility of Nature MultiPack, one of the most eco-friendly forms of secondary packaging available in the beverage market.

KHS has refined its resource-conserving system that uses adhesive to join beverage containers without shrink film – making it more flexible in its application. After introducing a new universal adhesive for aluminum cans earlier this year, the systems provider has now developed a similar consumable for PET bottles.

This adhesive can be applied to virtually any shape, size, or material thickness of PET bottle, thanks to a special process where the adhesive is foamed during application to the containers. Dr. Matthias Caninenberg, head of Nature MultiPack Technology at KHS, explains, “This is a proven technology that’s been used for many years in the production of foam for mattresses or seals in car manufacture.” He adds, “In our case, we aim to protect the container wall, ensure simple handling, and safe transportation of the pack.”

Enhancing the Technology

In order to achieve a balance in this “triangle of tension,” nitrogen is added to the adhesive before application to expand and foam the adhesive. This gives the glue higher elasticity, making it easier for consumers to separate the bottles from one another, reducing stress on the PET container when opened, and better absorbing forces along the logistics chain without damage to the pack.

Another challenge is the machine technology. “The gas/adhesive mixture must be homogenous in its distribution to the applicators,” Dr. Caninenberg explains. He adds, “Our machine operates within an extremely narrow tolerance range to maintain the perfect balance.” The new setup also benefits the recycling process by leaving minimal residue and rising to the surface for easier removal during recycling.

Increased Sustainability

The separate universal adhesive for aluminum cans and PET bottles is necessary due to the different surface energy of the two materials. This ensures optimum wetting. Paired with the cardboard bottle clip carrying handle designed for Nature MultiPack, KHS offers one of the most resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly forms of secondary packaging available in the beverage industry.

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