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Ishida’s Leak Detection System Ensures Rigorous Quality Checks at High Speeds for Tortilla Manufacturer

Ishida's Leak Detection System Ensures Rigorous Quality Checks at High Speeds for Tortilla Manufacturer High Speeds, Ishida, Leak Detection System, Quality Checks, Tortilla Specialist Food and Beverage Business

Sinnack Snacks, Germany’s sole large-scale bakery specializing in tortillas, has recently implemented an Ishida AirScan leak detection system to elevate its end-of-line packing process and ensure that quality control measures keep pace with increased throughput. The system, developed by Ishida, can inspect up to 2,500 packs per hour, reliably detecting leaks as small as 0.5mm to guarantee the integrity of the protective atmosphere packaging.

The company’s tortilla production includes wheat, multigrain, and protein variants in diameters of 20, 25, and 30cm, packaged in quantities of 6, 8, and 12. With a shelf life of six months, the products are preserved by protective carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmospheres, but maintaining the airtight seals on the thermoformed packaging poses challenges.

Sinnack Snacks previously employed a time-consuming quality control exercise to check for leaks, but sought a more efficient and reliable solution. They found it in the Ishida AirScan, which utilizes a laser module to detect vibrations from escaping carbon dioxide molecules, enhancing quality assurance and minimizing material costs. In addition, the compact design and ease of integration into existing packing lines made it a good fit for the company’s requirements.

The introduction of the Ishida AirScan has been a game-changer for Sinnack Snacks. The successful implementation of the first machine led to the installation of two additional systems, enhancing quality assurance while supporting the company’s automation efforts. The systems operate in a three-shift mode and are user-friendly, requiring no adjustments for product changeovers.

Jana Sinnack, managing partner, recognizes the importance of automation in an industry facing a shortage of skilled workers. The system has provided the means for the company to grow while maintaining product quality, as evidenced by the full capacity operation of their packing department. Plans for a new facility are in the works, with the Ishida AirScan playing a prominent role in the company’s future growth.

In conclusion, the implementation of the Ishida AirScan system has not only allowed Sinnack Snacks to enhance the efficiency of its packing processes but has also facilitated its growth. The quality control systems have become standard for the company’s operations and are included in customer audits, showcasing its commitment to maintaining product integrity and quality.

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