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Ishida continues to support Prima Cheese’s expanding business as long-term partner

Ishida continues to support Prima Cheese's expanding business as long-term partner growing business, Ishida, partner, Prima Cheese Food and Beverage Business

The trial of Ishida’s newly launched CCW-AS multihead weigher at Prima Cheese, a leading cheese processor in the UK, resulted in immediate improvements in throughput and efficiencies. This success led the company to make a prompt purchase of the machine.

Established in 1996, Prima Cheese processes enough cheese every minute for 600 pizza toppings, with a factory in Seaham, County Durham producing approximately 380 different cheese recipes. In addition to being a top UK supplier, Prima exports to over 50 countries worldwide.

Since initiating its expansion in 2008, Prima Cheese has relied on Ishida as a key partner. The speed, accuracy, and efficiency of Ishida weighing solutions have played a pivotal role in Prima’s continuous growth and success. This strong partnership prompted Prima Cheese to test the new Ishida AS multihead weigher range, designed to enhance Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through improved weighing performance.

Prima Cheese’s Co CEO Nima Beni stated, “We buy Ishida weighers for their consistency, accuracy, and reliability. We were delighted to assess the new AS version and quickly recognized the significant positive impact it had on our line. Through increased efficiencies, throughput saw an improvement of 30% to 40%, prompting us to make it a permanent addition to our factory.”

The CCW-AS, Ishida’s 11th generation multihead weigher, represents a significant advancement in technology. Prima Cheese has similarly managed its development over the years.

“We have made major improvements through investment programs in the past 15 years. Now, we focus on enhancing existing lines rather than establishing new ones,” Nima explained.

The installation of the Ishida CCW-AS replaced Prima Cheese’s original weigher, resulting in increased speed and accuracy. This led to the installation of a new cheese shredder and bagmaker to accommodate the higher output of the Ishida weigher.

Handling a variety of cheeses in pack sizes from 500g to 2kg, the CCW-AS operates at speeds of around 30 bags per minute for 2kg bags with an accuracy within 0.2g. Changeovers are facilitated easily via the Ishida’s 16-inch colour touch screen HMI operator screen.

Featuring an advanced vision monitoring system, the weigher incorporates a camera at the top to monitor product feed, saving operators from frequent physical inspections. Despite the challenges of handling cheese in automated weighing systems, the CCW-AS offers increased control and power of all feeders, ensuring higher efficiency rates.

As the fifth weigher installed at Prima Cheese since 2008, the CCW-AS operates reliably 24/5. Nima highlighted the minimal issues experienced with Ishida weighers over the past years and the quick resolution of any problems by the company.

Concluding his praise for the partnership, Nima stated, “We receive great support and advice from Ishida and have machines that deliver consistently and reliably. This partnership will continue because, when everything is right, why would I change?”

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