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Investment in Flow Wrap Technology Represents KP Snacks’ Commitment to Sustainable Packaging

Investment in Flow Wrap Technology Represents KP Snacks' Commitment to Sustainable Packaging flow wrap technology, investment, KP Snacks, sustainable packaging Food and Beverage Business

KP Snacks is enhancing its sustainability efforts with a new investment in flow wrap equipment for its Discos, Roysters, and Frisps Brands. The flow wrapping process will result in a 35% reduction in plastic packaging for 6-packs across these three brands, saving 100 tonnes of packaging annually. Since 2014, KP Snacks has removed 1,100 tonnes of plastic packaging, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability across its portfolio.

The new flow-wrapped packs, which will be available in stores from February, align with KP Snacks’ People & Planet strategy, aimed at minimizing the use of plastic packaging. Their responsible business program, launched last year, outlines ambitious goals to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

The reduction in packaging across Roysters, Frisps, and Discos 6-packs will also lead to 620 fewer lorry journeys annually, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. In addition to appealing to environmentally conscious consumers, the new packs will create more space on shelves, allowing retailers to display extra stock and drive sales.

John Leslie, packaging technology manager at KP Snacks, states, “Protecting the environment is one of the core pillars of our People and Planet programme, and we are committed to taking a responsible and proactive approach to safeguarding nature. We remain focused on reducing both our plastic packaging and carbon emissions in any way that we can.”

Amy Heap, marketing manager at KP Snacks, adds, “Discos, Frisps, and Roysters are essential parts of our EDV range, which continues to outperform the overall market. The new packs will support the growth of these popular brands, offering snacks that are tasty, affordable, and more eco-friendly.”

The new flow-wrapped packs include Frisps Variety 6-pack, Roysters T-Bone Steak 6-pack, and Discos Variety 6-pack, all with an RRP of £1.50. In March, the leading Discos flavor, Discos Salt & Vinegar, will also be flow-wrapped to deliver additional packaging savings.

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