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Introducing the Lightweight ICM Thin-Wall Cup by Netstal

Introducing the Lightweight ICM Thin-Wall Cup by Netstal ICM, lightweight, Netstal, thin-wall cup Food and Beverage Business

Fakuma 2023 introduced Netstal, an industry leader in the field of food packaging, and their latest innovation, the Axos 9 control generation. This revolutionary technology has resulted in the creation of a yogurt cup that is as light as a feather.

Designed with a filling volume of 200 g, a part weight of 5.4 g, and a wall thickness of 0.3 mm, this cup is made entirely of 100% polypropylene (PP). One of its standout features is its exceptional recyclability, making it an eco-friendly packaging option.

In contrast to other in-mould labels, the label on this cup is easily separated during the mechanical recycling process. As a result, the PP stream remains untouched and printing ink particles are reliably isolated from the pure PP material. Additionally, the implementation of injection compression moulding (ICM) technology has reduced the weight of the cup by an impressive 34%. Another sustainable improvement is the 27% reduction in packaging volume achieved through a combination of the ICM process and product optimization.

The production of this sustainable thin-wall packaging for dairy products is carried out in an Elion 1750 machine with a hybrid injection unit, operating at a rapid cycle time of 2.7 seconds for four cavities. Netstal has prioritized not just performance, but also energy efficiency in the design of their machine.

Collaborating with esteemed industry partners such as Glaroform, Beck Automation, SABIC, IPB Printing, motan, Regloplas, and Uniform Color, Netstal has developed this innovative packaging solution with recycling as a key focus. Emmi, a renowned player in the food industry and the largest bottler of dairy products, has provided valuable guidance and input throughout the development process. The packaging specifications were carefully crafted to meet and exceed Emmi’s requirements, while maintaining the cup’s original appearance.

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