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Innovative British Crisp Co. introduces world’s first fully recyclable paper packaging for crisps

Innovative British Crisp Co. introduces world's first fully recyclable paper packaging for crisps British Crisp Co., crisp packaging, fully recyclable, paper packet, revolutionises, world's first Food and Beverage Business

The British Crisp Co. has recently introduced the World’s first fully recyclable crisp bag, constructed from paper. With over 8 billion crisps packets sold annually in the UK, a significant portion of these end up in landfills, where they can take up to 33 years to decompose.

This groundbreaking crisp packaging innovation is the brainchild of Tom Lock, a 34-year-old entrepreneur and founder of The British Crisp Co. Lock dedicated three years to developing a solution that would keep crisps fresh in paper packaging that is easily recyclable like newspaper or cardboard.

Lock’s journey began at Waitrose, where he worked on the meat counter and developed his own pork snacks called Awfully Posh Pork Crackling. Soon, these snacks found their way onto Waitrose shelves, marking the start of his entrepreneurial career.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Lock now offers a diverse range of snacks, from crisps to popcorn, catering to both retail and out-of-home markets. The company is projected to generate revenue exceeding £3 million within the next year.

The new crisp packaging is accredited by OPRL, allowing the bags to display the green “Recycle” logo and the message, “I’m Paper, Recycle Me.”

Developed in the UK in collaboration with EvoPak, a manufacturer of sustainable paper-based flexible packaging, the packaging combines paper with Hydropol—a sustainable material developed by Aquapak Polymers. A thin layer of vacuum-deposited aluminum preserves the crisp freshness without hindering the recyclability of the packets.

Lock emphasized that sustainability is a core value at The British Crisp Co., which not only focuses on taste and quality ingredients but also on environmentally conscious practices.

He expressed his excitement over being the first crisp brand globally to introduce a fully recyclable paper pack, highlighting the company’s commitment to producing crisps on a UK farm powered by renewable energy.

The new range of crisps, soon to be launched across various retailers, pubs, hotels, and coffee shops in the UK, features three popular flavors—Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, and Cheese & Onion—all naturally vegan and gluten-free.

  • Sea Salt: featuring a simple and delicious seasoning of sea salt
  • Salt & Vinegar: a classic combination of salt and vinegar with a satisfying crunch
  • Cheese & Onion: presenting the sharp and savory taste of onion combined with creamy cheese

Stores interested in stocking the new paper crisp packets can get in touch with The British Crisp Co.’s sales team at Windfall Brands, who have assisted in developing the sales strategy for this groundbreaking product.

Daniel McAlister, the operations director at EvoPak, hailed the development of a unique packaging material with transformative potential, owing to the properties of Hydropol.

“The paper is versatile and can be utilized in various applications, from snacks and confectionery to pet care products and dry foods,” McAlister added.

Mark Lapping, CEO of Aquapak, described the launch as a significant achievement for Aquapak and its Hydropol technology, which can now be scaled for commercial use. Producers now have an eco-friendly, recyclable alternative that allows full fiber recovery in standard paper recycling processes and prevents the formation of microplastics.

Mark Sears, managing director of Windfall Brands, expressed the team’s enthusiasm for being part of such a pivotal development in this vital industry. He commended Tom and the EvoPak team for their remarkable work, underscoring the opportunity to make a tangible difference to the UK’s environment.

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