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Happy Endings and Land of Plenty Collaborate on Sustainable Rebranding and Packaging Solution

Happy Endings and Land of Plenty Collaborate on Sustainable Rebranding and Packaging Solution food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Recyclability Food and Beverage Business

Established in 2014 by Australian pastry chef, YBF award winner and champion for Queer business, Terri Mercieca, Happy Endings is an ice cream brand defined by colourful chaos.

The collaboration between London-based branding and design studio, Land of Plenty, and Happy Endings began in 2018 when Yard Sale Pizza, a long-term client of Land of Plenty, asked them to design a sticker for their collaboration with Happy Endings. Recognizing the potential of the business, Land of Plenty approached Mercieca and began laying the groundwork for a rebrand.

By 2023, Land of Plenty was tasked with revitalizing the business by evolving the brand and developing a planet-positive packaging solution that also increased the efficiency of the day-to-day roll-out of the product.

Founder of Happy Endings, Terri Mercieca, expressed, “I went to Land of Plenty in the hope of reinvigorating my company and to get a packaging solution that not only had a better impact on the planet but also created more efficiencies in the day to day running of the business.”

Jonny Rowe, Founder and Creative Director at Land of Plenty, explains, “Part of the reason we approached them was because of the alignment we felt in terms of values and mission. The ethical side to what they create, and the people they partner with, as well as the importance they place on the environment – knowing that the ingredients they use come directly from nature – was a key guiding factor in the development of the biodegradable packaging suite.”

Land of Plenty’s approach to art-direction and photography broke all of their usual rules. This was about variety, unique perspectives and celebrating the joy of colourful characters. They adopted a language approach full of Aussie charm; built on contradictions, stream of consciousness, and a sprinkle of nonsense for good measure.

Jonny Rowe comments, “We’ve built a real connection as both businesses and as people over the last five years or so, having navigated some uncertain times together, so it’s been especially rewarding to finally be able to hit the launch button.”

Terri Mercieca adds, “Land of Plenty has been the most unreal and wonderful design agency to work with. Every single person that works there is a dreamboat. They really care, their goal is to make the brand come alive in its most authentic way. To capture what you’re about and make it obvious.

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