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H-Pack Packaging Launches New Product Line Catered Specifically for Potato Chips

H-Pack Packaging Launches New Product Line Catered Specifically for Potato Chips chippies, H-Pack Packaging, product line, specialised Food and Beverage Business

Europe’s packaging one-stop shop, H-Pack Packaging, recently introduced a new line of products tailored exclusively for fish and chip shops in the UK. The ‘Great Taste’ fish ‘n’ chips packaging range is designed to appeal to high-end chippies looking for packaging that not only stands out but also reflects the quality of the food it contains.

The range comprises eye-catching paper boxes in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as paper bags with handles in small and large sizes. The bags feature the same design as the boxes, providing a cohesive look and allowing sellers to offer a unique and distinctive packaging solution for their customers.

David Martin, Head of merchant sales for H-Pack, highlights the benefits of the ‘Great Taste’ range for chip shop owners facing rising costs. He notes, “The ‘Great Taste’ range offers an opportunity for chip shop owners to enhance the presentation of their takeaway meals without a significant price difference compared to plain packaging options. By investing in packaging that enhances the overall appearance of the meal, chippies can elevate their food offering and create a more premium perception among customers.”

As the UK branch of the global food packaging brand Hotpack, H-Pack has the expertise to deliver bespoke custom products, utilizing innovative materials and cutting-edge technology. The company’s commitment to quality and design excellence enables them to provide premium packaging solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

For chip shop owners looking to differentiate their brand and enhance their customers’ dining experience, the ‘Great Taste’ range from H-Pack is a valuable option worth exploring. With its focus on quality, design, and value, this exclusive packaging range can help businesses in the food industry make a lasting impression on their customers.