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Flagship Kettering plant receives investment in technology and community from Ball

Flagship Kettering plant receives investment in technology and community from Ball Ball, community, Kettering, plant, technology Food and Beverage Business

Ball’s new Kettering facility is the largest beverage packaging plant in the UK, with 56,000 sqm of space and room for expansion. Groundbreaking began in January 2022, with live production commencing in Q1 2023 and two lines operating by Q2 2023, staffed by over 150 employees.

Plant manager Jason Bridger stated that the facility is expected to produce over one billion fully recyclable cans in its first year. He emphasized the importance of recruiting and training the team, with a significant number of staff having no previous experience in the industry.

Bridger also highlighted the facility’s local social responsibility, creating job opportunities for the deprived parts of Kettering, with 28% of the workforce being female and a diverse representation from various ethnic backgrounds and languages spoken.

The focus for the next 18 months will be on optimizing processes and energy savings. The plant is prioritizing sustainable practices, with 80% recycled content material being used in supplies, as well as initiatives to reduce gas usage and water consumption.

Despite challenges during the building and start-up phase, the plant achieved its planned opening date, providing flexibility for Ball in its business network.

Overall, the plant is dedicated to food and drink sustainability, sustainable packaging, and addressing food and drink marketing and consumer trends to ensure a positive impact on the industry.

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