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Environmental Activists Call on UK to Implement Plastic Sachet Ban Following EU Decision

Environmental Activists Call on UK to Implement Plastic Sachet Ban Following EU Decision food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, plastic Food and Beverage Business

A Plastic Planet, a leading environmental campaigning group, has urged the UK to follow the European Union’s footsteps in banning single-use plastic sachets. The EU recently announced plans to ban sauce sachets by 2030 as part of a new green packaging law.

After years of advocacy by A Plastic Planet to eliminate plastic sachets, the EU’s decision marks a significant milestone. In 2020, a coalition of more than 50 business leaders, politicians, and campaigners united to push for the inclusion of plastic sachets in European and UK legislation, aligning them with other single-use items like plastic straws and cotton buds.

Despite strong support from the public in the UK, single-use sachets were not included in the Single-Use Plastic Ban introduced in October 2023. A Plastic Planet estimates that up to 700 million plastic sachets are used in the UK annually.

In response, A Plastic Planet launched the ‘Reuse, Refill, Replace Revolution’ strategy in 2023, outlining a ten-year roadmap to phase out single-use plastics, including a proposal to ban sachets by the end of 2025, ahead of the EU’s timeline.

Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet, emphasized the urgent need to address the environmental impact of plastic sachets. She urged the UK government to follow the EU’s lead in banning plastic sachets to protect the environment and reduce plastic pollution.

The EU’s decision to ban plastic sauce sachets by 2030 is a significant step towards reducing plastic waste and creating a more sustainable future. A Plastic Planet’s ongoing efforts to combat the use of single-use plastics align with this goal.

The ban on plastic sachets by the EU highlights the importance of adopting sustainable practices in food and drink packaging. As A Plastic Planet continues to advocate for environmentally friendly packaging solutions, the call for a ban on plastic sachets in the UK grows louder.

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