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Eco-Friendly Initiative at Tesco Introduces Laser-Engraved Avocados

Eco-Friendly Initiative at Tesco Introduces Laser-Engraved Avocados avocados, eco-friendly, initiative, laser-engraved, Shelves, Tesco Food and Beverage Business

In a proactive effort to support environmental sustainability, the supermarket is initiating a trial to eliminate barcode stickers from extra large avocados and introduce prominent laser etching instead. This innovative approach aims to reduce plastic waste and improve recycling efficiency.

Simultaneously, the supermarket is also testing the replacement of plastic tray packaging for two of its most popular avocado products with recyclable cardboard containers. These changes, in partnership with the UK’s primary avocado supplier, Westfalia Fruit, have the potential to yield significant environmental benefits.

If implemented nationwide, these initiatives could eliminate over 20 million pieces of plastic tray packaging from the twin pack avocado alone and up to 25 million pieces across the entire pre-packed range. Additionally, nearly a million plastic stickers on loose extra large avocados could be eliminated, based on current sales information provided by Westfalia Fruit.

As a major avocado retailer selling almost 70 million avocados annually, Tesco recognizes the growing demand for sustainable packaging options. Lisa Gilbey, Tesco avocado buyer, expressed enthusiasm for the new laser-etched avocados, emphasizing the reduction of plastic waste and the positive impact on recycling efforts.

The laser-etching technology, developed by Westfalia Fruit, ensures quality, shelf life, and taste of the fruit remain unaffected. According to Westfalia Fruit general manager Graham Isaac, the company remains committed to reducing plastic waste and improving environmental performance through responsible packaging practices.

The high-powered lasers used for etching remove a thin layer of avocado skin in a fraction of a second, providing essential information for customers and cashiers. Initial trials will be conducted in approximately 270 Tesco stores in south-east England, with plans for a wider rollout pending positive customer feedback.

In conclusion, these sustainable packaging initiatives demonstrate Tesco and Westfalia Fruit’s joint commitment to reducing plastic waste in the food industry. As part of a broader effort to protect the environment and promote biodiversity, these changes represent a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

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