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Cost-effective and sustainable concept for manufacturing recyclable spout pouches

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SN Maschinenbau and SÜDPACK have formed a developmental partnership to create an innovative overall concept for in-house production of stand-up pouches with spouts used for packaging pasty and liquid products. This sustainable and economical alternative to pre-made pouches will be unveiled for the first time at the international trade fair Prod&Pack in Lyon from November 21 to 23, 2023 (hall 6, booth J75).

A Breakthrough Solution for Food and Drink Packaging

With their groundbreaking solution, SN Maschinenbau and SÜDPACK are revolutionizing the production of spout pouches for thick and thin fluid products, offering food producers and fillers a more efficient and environmentally-friendly option. Fruit purées, smoothies, and other liquids can now be packaged in-house with the help of powerful packaging technology and recyclable polypropylene components that are optimized for simple handling and maximum reliability. This innovative concept not only ensures exceptional quality, economic profitability, and flexibility, but also enhances sustainability through the use of recyclable materials.

An Attractive Alternative for Producers

“Our overall concept presents our customers with an attractive alternative to expensive pre-made pouches, eliminating the complex logistical challenges associated with their processing and filling. By manufacturing spout pouches in-house using our user-friendly pouch making machine, producers and fillers can easily fill and seal the pouches on their existing filling machines,” explained Lutz Neugebauer, Product Manager at SÜDPACK. This comprehensive solution, combining perfectly coordinated films and spouts, significantly simplifies handling and streamlines production, making it a cost-effective and practical choice for all production quantities.

Focusing on Recyclability and Sustainability

The packaging concept incorporates recyclable Pure-Line films made of polypropylene, which, in combination with available PP spouts, result in fully recyclable spout pouches. These heat-resistant pouches can also withstand hot filling and pasteurization processes. Furthermore, the films can be customized with different barrier functions according to the specific requirements of the packaged products. Developed with SÜDPACK’s expertise in innovative sealing layers, the film material ensures maximum sustainability throughout the packaging process.

Maximizing Efficiency and Reliability

The SPM 50 horizontal pouch making machine from SN Maschinenbau facilitates the efficient production of spout pouches. These pouches are manufactured horizontally from the film reel and the spouts are seamlessly sealed in. To enhance productivity, the pouches are automatically inserted into commercial rail systems and stored on transport carts. By eliminating the need for rail separation, the handling process becomes more ergonomic and streamlined. This low-maintenance and compact machine can be placed easily, fitting seamlessly next to the filling machine or in a separate room. With a production capacity of up to 4,200 pouches per hour and continuous production of over 30,000 spout pouches per eight-hour shift, this cutting-edge technology offers a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

“Investing in this pouch concept is a financially viable choice. Alongside improved ergonomics for spout and rail handling, the SPM 50 offers exceptional flexibility for various pouch and spout designs, resulting in enhanced value creation,” explained Thomas Fuest, Director Global Sales at SN Maschinenbau.

Savings in Logistics and Handling

By producing pouches on-site, businesses can eliminate the complexity of handling and logistics involved in receiving finished pouches. The reduced space requirements for film reels minimize transport costs and simplify warehousing. Additionally, the use of pre-made spout pouches eliminates the need for cardboard packaging, further reducing waste and environmental impact.

Unmatched Flexibility and Time-to-Market

This in-house spout pouch production concept offers exceptional flexibility. The machine can be adapted easily to produce pouches of diverse shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing producers to quickly respond to changing market demands and reducing lead times. Moreover, this concept provides resilience during supply chain disruptions, ensuring continued product availability.

Visit SN Maschinenbau at booth J75 in hall 6 during the Prod&Pack trade fair in Lyon to witness the live demonstration of the pouch manufacturing process and to receive expert guidance on the film structures and machine concept offered.

Embracing a More Sustainable Future

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