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Colpac Enhances Packaging Sustainability with Easy Access to Credentials Across Multiple Countries

Colpac Enhances Packaging Sustainability with Easy Access to Credentials Across Multiple Countries Bio-based, Compostable Packaging, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Recyclability Food and Beverage Business

Colpac is revolutionizing the food and drink packaging industry by providing easily accessible sustainability credentials for its paperboard food packaging. This initiative supports end users in making informed product choices and responsibly disposing of sustainable food packaging after use. By offering recycling and composting information, as well as material sources, Colpac enables customers to align packaging choices with their sustainability goals.

Colpac’s commitment to sustainability aligns with WRAP’s Recycle Week 2023, which aims to improve recycling rates by addressing the issue of “missed capture.”

Access the latest sustainability credentials for food and drink packaging

Colpac incorporates Quick Response (QR) codes and specific recycling instructions on their packaging to provide crucial information to consumers. These codes link to dynamic webpages on Colpac’s website, where users can find comprehensive details and updates regarding recycling guidelines and legislation. With QR codes, users can easily access localized recycling information in the UK, France, and Italy, ensuring proper disposal of the packaging.

“We are delighted to have implemented a simple way for consumers to access sustainability data for our products. Our QR codes and on-pack printing simply demonstrate how they can do this.” – Kate Berry, Head of Marketing and Product at Colpac

Colpac’s solution to complex legislation

Colpac operates in over sixty countries, each with its own recycling and composting directives. This creates complexity in providing universal recycling and composting instructions for their packaging. However, Colpac’s centralized sustainability credentials solve this challenge by offering a single location where customers can access the appropriate disposal information for each product.

“Customers and end-users are more concerned than ever about wanting to dispose of their packaging responsibly. We hope that this will support consumers in recycling or composting our packaging, according to their national waste guidelines.” – Talia Goldman, ESG Manager at Colpac

To learn more about Colpac’s sustainable food and drink packaging, scan a QR code on a Colpac product or visit

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