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Capri Sun makes the move to eco-friendly pouches

Capri Sun makes the move to eco-friendly pouches Capri sun, pouches, recyclable, transitions Food and Beverage Business

Capri Sun has introduced a new recyclable pouch made entirely of mono-material polypropylene, reducing its carbon footprint compared to traditional beverage packaging. The switch to this sustainable material will also result in a 25% decrease in CO2 emissions. This transition aligns with Capri Sun’s goal to make their entire drinks range fully recyclable.

In addition to the recyclable pouches, Capri Sun has made other sustainable changes, such as switching to paper straws and FSC-certified cardboard packaging for multipacks. They have also incorporated 100% recycled PET into their bottled squash range and are striving to become carbon neutral in their manufacturing operations.

Roland Weening, chief executive of Capri Sun Group, expressed the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability with the new recyclable pouches. The company aims to reduce its impact on the environment through waste and energy reduction initiatives and support for a circular economy in the industry.

The new 200ml single serve pouches in Orange and Blackcurrant & Apple flavors will be the first to feature the recyclable polypropylene packaging in the UK. Capri Sun will also introduce a 330ml range with re-closable, tethered caps that save 14% on packaging compared to previous designs.

Overall, Capri Sun continues to innovate in sustainable packaging, responding to consumer trends and promoting food and drink sustainability in the industry.

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