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BioPak Partners with Live Nation to Advance Sustainable Goals

BioPak Partners with Live Nation to Advance Sustainable Goals Bio-based, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Recyclability Food and Beverage Business

Announced today, BioPak, a leader in sustainable food and drink packaging, has partnered with Live Nation UK to offer an exclusive deal to all traders and crew caterers at UK festivals and outdoor concerts this summer.

This collaboration aligns with Live Nation’s global sustainability program, Green Nation, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and eliminate single-use plastics. As part of this commitment, all products used must be reusable, renewable, certified compostable, or contain at least 30% recycled content.

Under this unique agreement, traders and crew caterers at Live Nation UK and Festival Republic events will receive a discount on compliant, certified compostable food and drink packaging until August 2024. BioPak’s Technical Director, Sam Walker, emphasized the significance of this partnership.

“This partnership solidifies BioPak’s position as the go-to supplier for sustainable food and drink packaging.”

“The deal ensures that Live Nation, Festival Republic, and all traders and crew caterers have access to environmentally friendly packaging, helping to minimize the impact of their events on the environment.”

“BioPak’s wide range of sustainable packaging solutions, logistical expertise, and competitive pricing will streamline operations for traders and crew caterers, ensuring they receive top-quality products.”

Managing Director of Festival Republic, Melvin Benn, commended the collaboration and shared his enthusiasm for furthering environmental efforts.

“Music serves as a powerful tool for promoting sustainability and influencing positive change. By prioritizing eco-friendly practices at our events, we aim to provide artists, fans, and partners with an environmentally conscious experience,” said Melvin Benn.

“Climate change poses significant challenges, and our goal is to lead the live events industry by setting sustainability standards. Our partnership with BioPak allows us to drive towards a waste-free world through the use of certified compostable packaging, supporting our objectives to eliminate single-use plastics and achieve a 50% material recovery rate by 2030.”

Sam Walker added, “BioPak’s Environmental Impact Label provides detailed information on the environmental footprint of our products, enabling clients like Live Nation to track and meet their sustainability goals effectively. Unlike other suppliers, BioPak offers unparalleled transparency and data to support businesses in their sustainability efforts.”

All food and beverages at Live Nation events are currently served in compostable and recyclable packaging, with dedicated sustainability teams ensuring materials are properly managed through donation, recycling, or composting.

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