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Ardagh Metal Packaging-Europe and Britvic Soft Drinks to Release Limited Edition Packaging for Tango Fans

Ardagh Metal Packaging-Europe and Britvic Soft Drinks to Release Limited Edition Packaging for Tango Fans Ardagh, Britvic, enthusiasts, Europe, Limited Edition, Metal packaging, packaging, soft drinks, Tango Food and Beverage Business

A collaboration between Ardagh Metal Packaging-Europe and Britvic Soft Drinks has resulted in the launch of a H!GHEND design for the new Tango Mango cans.

The can, which showcases the Tango brand and Ardagh’s H!GHEND technology, promises to captivate consumers with its eye-catching design and packaging.

Britvic Soft Drinks is introducing Tango Mango, a new flavor under the Tango brand. The 330ml standard can, adorned with the new H!GHEND design and a matte finish, aims to “elevate the consumer experience” through its visually striking appearance.

Victoria Burridge, brand manager at Britvic, stated, “Decorated beverage can ends were presented as a concept by Ardagh, and we thought it would be the perfect fit for our launch of Tango Mango. The collaboration with Ardagh’s graphics team resulted in the selection of a unique mango graphic, seamlessly integrated with the can’s overall artwork that allowed Britvic to bring their vision for Tango Mango to life.”

According to Burridge, the H!GHEND designs complement the bold and vibrant nature of the product and not only enhance the visual appeal of our packaging but also align with the Tango brand.

The Tango Mango design follows the principles of Britvic’s rotational flavor strategy, Tango Editions, which combines bold tastes with striking pack designs. The H!GHEND can ends provide enhanced visibility for the flavor descriptor ‘The Tang’.

Mike Cunningham, packaging development manager at Britvic, said, “We’re all about creating eye-catching packaging that grabs the consumer’s attention to promote sales. With innovation being a key category driver for fruit-flavored carbonates, we are committed to continuing to innovate in this space.”

The H!GHEND designs are a limited edition featured on single-serve Tango Mango cans, which are transported to Britvic via an underground passage that connects AMP’s Rugby plant with the next-door Britvic factory, reducing carbon emissions.

Limited editions have proven to be a powerful tool for market activation, boosting sales, and creating buzz among consumers. The exclusivity of the H!GHEND designs on the Tango Mango cans enhances the appeal of this limited edition, providing consumers with a unique and premium beverage experience. The new cans align with the commitment of both Ardagh and Britvic to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver unparalleled value to consumers in the ever-evolving beverage market.

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