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Amcor Capsules celebrates 60 years of innovation with the introduction of the Stelvin wine screw cap

Amcor Capsules celebrates 60 years of innovation with the introduction of the Stelvin wine screw cap 60th anniversary", Amcor Capsules, pioneering, Stelvin, wine screw cap Food and Beverage Business

Established in 1964 by Amcor Capsules, a leading global producer of closures and capsules for wine and spirits brands, the Stelvin cap has continued to be a vital asset for winemakers worldwide. The introduction of the Stelvin cap in 1964 in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, marked a significant advancement within the wine industry. At a time when alternative screw cap closures were not available, the innovative concept of Stelvin was developed to address the challenges faced by the Swiss grape variety Chasselas, known for its susceptibility to cork taint.

The Stelvin mechanical system played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the industry by providing a solution that not only preserved the wine’s aromas, freshness, taste, and quality but also ensured optimal preservation. Switzerland was the first country to adopt Stelvin for its wine and spirit brands, leading to its widespread acceptance in other key markets over the years.

In 2001, ‘The Screwcap Initiative’ was launched in New Zealand to promote the use of screw caps as a preferred method of wine bottle closure over traditional corks. This initiative had a profound impact on the industry, with 90% of wine bottles in Australia and New Zealand now utilizing screw caps.

Reflecting on the 60th anniversary milestone, Yannick Magnon, general manager of Amcor Capsules, expressed pride in the enduring legacy of the Stelvin screw cap. Despite imitation attempts over the years, the brand’s heritage and influence on the wine industry remain unmatched.

Amcor Capsules recently announced a significant reduction in carbon emissions associated with its Stelvin screw cap range, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. The brand has also evolved to meet market demands by offering various design options, such as the Stelvin LUX closure without external threading and Stelvin INSIDE with PVDC FREE liners offering different oxygen transmission rates (OTR) for winemakers to choose from.

After six decades, Stelvin continues to set the standard in the market, as affirmed by winemakers like Laroche. With a longstanding partnership with Amcor and Stelvin, Laroche emphasizes the brand’s role as a benchmark for quality wine closures. The partnership extends to using Stelvin on various wine ranges, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation and excellence in wine quality.

In conclusion, the Stelvin cap remains a symbol of innovation and quality in the wine industry, embodying a tradition of excellence that continues to resonate with winemakers and consumers alike.

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