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Aldi introduces ultra-light flat recycled PET wine bottles that are seven times lighter than glass

Aldi introduces ultra-light flat recycled PET wine bottles that are seven times lighter than glass Aldi, flat, Glass, lightweight, PET wine bottles, recycled PET, wine bottles Food and Beverage Business

The Chapter & Verse Shiraz and Chapter & Verse Chardonnay are now available for purchase in lightweight, fully recyclable PET bottles. This innovative initiative, a first in supermarkets, was made possible through a collaboration between Aldi and bottle packaging company Packamama. Packamama, a London-based firm known for their work on projects involving flat PET bottles, has created these new bottles from 100% recycled PET material, weighing just 63g each. This makes them nearly seven times lighter and stronger than standard glass bottles, while also being completely shatterproof.

For this launch, 42 tonnes of bottle weight have been removed, resulting in lighter shopping baskets and demonstrating Aldi’s commitment to sustainability. The ‘next-gen’ bottles not only reduce environmental impact but also offer convenience for eco-conscious shoppers. Moreover, the compact design allows 30% more bottles to be loaded onto pallets and transported to supermarkets, leading to a reduction in the number of lorries on the road compared to traditional glass bottles.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, stated, “We are dedicated to providing greener, more sustainable products to meet the demands of our customers while maintaining excellent value and functionality. We are excited to expand our range of recyclable and eco-friendly products and take this next step in sustainability.”

Santiago Navarro, chief executive of Packamama, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Aldi, a true pioneer in the grocery sector, to introduce our innovative eco-flat bottles to customers. Together, we are leading the way in sustainable wine packaging, offering a perfect blend of quality, value, and sustainability to consumers.”

This collaboration is aimed at meeting the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions in the food and drink industry. By introducing these lightweight, recyclable PET bottles, Aldi and Packamama are setting a new standard for eco-friendly packaging within the market.

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