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AkzoNobel Makes Investment in Coatings Technology and Production Facility

AkzoNobel Makes Investment in Coatings Technology and Production Facility AkzoNobel, coatings, invests, production plant, technology Food and Beverage Business

AkzoNobel is making advancements in the beverage can industry by unveiling next generation coatings technology and initiating the construction of a new production plant in Spain, further supporting the mission to create products free from materials of concern.

The company’s Packaging Coatings business has introduced the first two products in its new Accelstyle range, specifically designed for the exterior of conventional two-piece aluminium beverage cans. Both products are free from bisphenols, styrene and PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). Additionally, the previously launched AccelshieldTM 700, the first BPx-NI internal coating for beverage can ends, is compliant with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU regulations.

“AkzoNobel” is investing €32 million in a new plant at its Vilafranca site in Spain, which will produce bisphenol-free coatings for the metal packaging industry in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The facility, expected to be operational by mid-2025, will create around 40 jobs and utilize advanced automation, meeting high eco-efficiency standards to significantly improve energy and material efficiency.

According to Jim Kavanagh, director of “AkzoNobel’s” Industrial Coatings business, the new facility will enable the company to respond effectively to the packaging industry’s strong demands and comply with the stringent bisphenol regulations in Europe.

The introduction of the new Accelstyle products underscores the company’s commitment to facilitating the industry’s transition to a sustainable future. Both Accelstyle 100 and 200 seamlessly integrate into existing production processes and are free from certain important materials of concern, without compromising commercial viability.

These bisphenol-free products demonstrate a lower carbon footprint compared to previous offerings, aligning with consumer expectations for more sustainable packaging. Accelstyle 100 has successfully completed extensive trials and qualifications with major European can makers, while Accelstyle 200 is undergoing trials to optimize prototypes for different gloss levels.

In conclusion, AkzoNobel’s investments and product developments reflect its dedication to providing tangible support for the beverage can industry’s transformation towards more sustainable food packaging solutions.

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