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Accredo Packaging and Fresh-Lock Introduce Sustainable and Child-Resistant Stand-Up Pouch with High Recycled Content

Accredo Packaging and Fresh-Lock Introduce Sustainable and Child-Resistant Stand-Up Pouch with High Recycled Content Flexible packaging, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging Food and Beverage Business

In the food and drink packaging industry, the API Group and its subsidiary, Accredo Packaging, have teamed up with the Fresh-Lock team at Presto Products to unveil an innovative flexible stand-up pouch that uses over 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content. This marks a significant step forward in sustainable packaging solutions. The collaboration brings together Fresh-Lock’s Child-Guard® slider technology and AccredoFlex range of recycled content films to achieve an unmatched percentage of recycled content in both the film and the zipper closure.

“Collaboration is crucial in driving the circular economy forward, so we are thrilled to join forces with the Fresh-Lock team at Presto to introduce this flexible stand-up pouch,” says Jonathan Quinn, Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability at API Group and Accredo Packaging. “The future of the circular economy hinges on incorporating recycled content and being able to do so across all consumer packaged goods markets.”

Todd Meussling, Fresh-Lock Senior Manager Market Development, emphasized the importance of the PCR component in driving true circularity in packaging. “Flexible packaging continues to make great strides in sustainability beyond just the source reduction benefits from rigids. We’re seeing the shift from multi-material structures to mono-material options that can be recycled or composted.”

This joint effort serves as a new standard for incorporating recycled content into food and drink sustainable packaging while prioritizing safety and sustainability. It underscores the commitment of both companies to advance circular solutions.

The Fresh-Lock® brand is a leader in press-to-close zipper and track & slider reclosable solutions for flexible packaging. With a solution for practically any packaging need, our closures help drive consumer loyalty and brand differentiation through functional benefits. The Fresh-Lock team offers specialized packaging machinery and quality components for fast and efficient track and slider applications. The Fresh-Lock® brand of products is designed and produced by Presto Products, a business of Reynolds Consumer Products.

Accredo Packaging, a member of the API GROUP™, provides more sustainable packaging solutions for various products from snack foods and confectionery items to frozen foods and pet treats in retail grocers. They produce overwraps for paper towels, shrink bundle film for bottled water, and are leaders in recyclable and compostable stand-up pouches. Learn more at

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