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The newest roller mill from Bühler ready to launch in the market

The newest roller mill from Bühler ready to launch in the market Bühler, market, roller mill Food and Beverage Business buhler

Bühler continues its tradition of innovation in the food manufacturing industry with the launch of the new roller mill Arrakis, the successor to the iconic Airtronic. This new mill promises increased efficiency, reliability, and simplicity in operation, making it a valuable addition to any milling operation.

At the core of Arrakis is its grinding unit, which provides stable performance thanks to a patented grinding gap adjustment that ensures rigidity and stability over time. The use of a cast stand as the load-bearing element helps dampen vibrations and increase the longevity of the components. Product detection is carried out through a load cell sensor, ensuring accurate measurement and stable product flow for maximum efficiency. Additionally, foreign object protection prevents damage to the rolls, enhancing the mill’s lifespan.

Marcel Scherrer, head of business unit wheat & rye at Bühler, notes the durability and reliability of the Airtronic, which served as inspiration for the development of Arrakis. Urs Schwendener, product manager in milling solutions at Bühler Group, emphasizes the versatility of Arrakis in meeting the diverse needs of customers in the industry.

One of the highlights of Arrakis is its user-friendly design, featuring an intuitive interface for easy monitoring and control. Remote access capabilities enable operation from various digital devices, enhancing convenience and flexibility for users. The mill’s footprint matches that of its predecessor, simplifying replacements and installations without requiring complex building modifications.

Schwendener highlights the efficiency of upgrading to Arrakis from existing systems, noting the time-saving benefits for production facilities. The feeding unit includes features like a cleaning flap and brushless scrapers to improve food safety and maintenance. The patented knife scrapers automatically adjust to keep the rolls clean without the need for manual adjustments, further enhancing the ease of operation.

In conclusion, Arrakis from Bühler Group offers an innovative solution for food manufacturers, combining durability, reliability, and efficiency in a user-friendly design. With seamless integration and advanced features, this roller mill is poised to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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