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Supplier’s costly issues removed with EPP’s fruit hydration system

Supplier's costly issues removed with EPP's fruit hydration system costly issues, EPP, Fruit, hydration system, Supplier Food and Beverage Business

European Process Plant has developed a fruit hydration system specifically designed to address a customer’s fruited dough issues. The innovative solution, featuring a vacuum tumbler, effectively hydrates dried fruit before incorporating it into the dough. This not only saves costs but also ensures that the dough remains moist and does not dry out.

Stewart Morris, sales director at EPP, expressed his satisfaction in creating a solution that resolves the persistent issue of fruited dough drying out. He emphasized that the system provides bakers with precise control over the moisture content of the dough. By using dried fruit and hydrating it with specific liquid dosages, such as water or fruit juice, bakers can save costs without compromising on quality. Morris highlighted this development as an example of EPP’s ability to provide solutions to industry challenges and is pleased to offer it to a wider market.

The traditional methods of fruit soaking often result in inconsistent outcomes due to factors such as soaking duration, temperature fluctuations, and the difficulty of breaking up compacted fruit. However, EPP’s fruit hydrating and batch weighing system offers a more effective and efficient approach. The system involves loading unpacked fruit, such as raisins and sultanas, into a eurobin, which then tips into a vacuum tumbler. The tumbler breaks up clumps of fruit into individual pieces while automatically dosing the required liquid percentage.

Through trials, it has been demonstrated that the system can add up to 10% moisture to the fruit, leaving a free-flowing batch without surface moisture. The complete system includes a eurobin elevator, vacuum tumbler, feed conveyors, loading hopper, tub loading roller bed with integrated weight scale, control functionality, and perimeter guarding.

This comprehensive solution is now available to order and offers significant benefits to food manufacturers.

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