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State-of-the-art cooling equipment ensures high-quality beer at brewery

State-of-the-art cooling equipment ensures high-quality beer at brewery brewery, cooling equipment, good beer, state-of-the-art Food and Beverage Business

Krones’ extensive expertise in thermal processes has been integrated into the development of a Krones VapoChill for efficiently generating cooling energy. The result is a particularly space-saving operating principle. The process water loses its heat in contact with the ambient air and part of the water evaporates, extracting energy from the remaining water to cool it down. This concept of the open evaporative cooling tower allows for a high energy yield on a small footprint.

Beer has a long tradition in Neuhaus an der Pegnitz, with beer being brewed in the shadow of the medieval Veldenstein Castle since 1522. The Kaiser Bräu brewery has been part of this history for over 90 years, initially founded as a communal brewery before being entered as a commercial brewery in 1929. Over time, the brewery’s output has multiplied, and it now not only produces its own brands Kaiser Bräu and Veldensteiner, but also carries out contract bottling for other breweries and exports to various countries including Italy, China, and the USA.

Stefan Benaburger, master brewer at Kaiser Bräu & Co, emphasizes the importance of keeping up with consumer expectations, leading the brewery to offer unique and new beer varieties. Alongside the focus on beer quality, sustainability is also a priority for Kaiser Bräu, with a strong emphasis on resource conservation and energy efficiency in production.

One factor contributing to the brewery’s commitment to sustainability is the use of state-of-the-art brewing and production technology. For instance, a galvanized evaporative cooling system with a radial design was used for recooling the refrigeration system, but its outdated design and energy consumption prompted the brewery to seek a more energy-efficient replacement. The VapoChill’s hygienic design and efficient fans were essential considerations for Kaiser Bräu’s sustainable production efforts.

The VapoChill, with its efficient fan motors offering up to 30% less energy consumption in full load operation, aligns with the brewery’s commitment to energy efficiency. The integrated modular design in series production enabled a quick turnaround, with the VapoChill being produced and delivered to the Neuhaus an der Pegnitz site within eight weeks.

In the context of food manufacturing, the integration of advanced cooling technology is crucial for improving sustainability and energy efficiency in production processes. As the demand for more innovative and high-quality products continues to grow, leveraging cutting-edge technology, like the VapoChill, is essential for food manufacturers to remain competitive while meeting consumer expectations.

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