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Satron guarantees flawless desserts with content sensors

Satron guarantees flawless desserts with content sensors content sensors, perfect desserts, Satron Food and Beverage Business

Satron offers a multi-wavelength optical sensor that assists dessert manufacturers in detecting water content in dark desserts, overcoming the limitations of a single-wavelength sensor. This sensor is crucial for products such as custard-like dairy puddings, which are becoming popular luxury desserts for adults and are very sensitive to water contamination. With the addition of egg yolk, corn starch, gelatine, or carrageenans, even a small amount of water can cause texture changes, leading to consumer complaints.

Manufacturers face challenges when switching between product variants or finishing a production run, as using water to push the product can risk contaminating the desserts or leading to the disposal of saleable pudding due to water droplets forming on the surface. To tackle this issue, visual control to switch on or off the potting line must be carefully monitored to reduce product losses while maintaining water contamination below the 10% level.

Utilizing Satron’s VOA turbidity and solids content sensor has been found to reliably reduce product losses while ensuring that water contamination is kept below the 10% threshold. This multi-wavelength optical sensor can detect water thresholds, even in difficult applications like chocolate, providing accurate readings. In contrast, single-wavelength optical sensors can give false readings, such as when water is added to chocolate pudding, leading to inaccurate results.

Satron’s VOA multi-wavelength sensor reports a decreasing signal if water is present and as its percentage increases. This results in significant product and cost savings for dairy producers across a wide range of products, ensuring consumer satisfaction.