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Sandwich Processing Plant Boosts Efficiency with Baumer Smart Sensors

Sandwich Processing Plant Boosts Efficiency with Baumer Smart Sensors Baumer, efficiency, processing plant, Sandwich, smart sensors Food and Beverage Business

Baumer’s OXM 2D Sensor is revolutionizing the fully automated sandwich and filled rolls production line at German company Weber Maschinenbau, enhancing efficiency and precision in food manufacturing. Specifically, smart sensors, such as the OXM 2D sensor, are now a crucial component in many manufacturing systems, meeting the growing demand for advanced automation.

Weber Maschinenbau specializes in developing slicing systems for food industry applications and its latest production line processes over 70 sandwiches with sausage or cheese toppings every hour. The precision edge control, margins, and positioning data provided by the OXM sensor are essential to ensure smooth operation, resulting in perfectly prepared sandwiches and filled rolls.

The OXM sensor delivers integrated measurement and evaluation functions, providing the entire calculated coordinates, bread height, and edge measurements to ensure precise sandwich assembly. It also determines the lateral position and height of sausage and cheese slices with utmost accuracy, ensuring optimal placement on the sandwich.

In addition to enhancing sandwich production, Weber Maschinenbau utilizes the sensor on slicers, delivering the position data necessary for precisely aligned slices of various food items. As Marco Nichau, head of automation at Weber Maschinenbau, points out, “The OXM sensor transmits all the position information directly to the machine controller, eliminating the need for an additional controller and thereby saving space and reducing costs.”

The latest versions of the smart 2D profile sensors are compact and lightweight, offering simple connectivity using a single cable via IO-Link, Ethernet, and more. With measurement ranges of up to 500mm and precision of up to 5µm, these sensors are ideal for various height checks and positioning tasks in manufacturing applications, such as robotics.

The Baumer OXM 2D Sensor, in combination with Weber Maschinenbau’s production line, demonstrates how smart sensor technology plays a critical role in optimizing food manufacturing processes, setting a new standard in efficiency and precision. For more information about Baumer and its innovative smart sensors, visit Baumer’s website.

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