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Ravenwood’s VXR Seal Contamination Detection System shields brand from product recalls

Ravenwood's VXR Seal Contamination Detection System shields brand from product recalls brand, Ravenwood’s, recalls, VXR Seal Contamination Detection System Food and Beverage Business Ravenwood

Ravenwood has introduced cutting-edge seal detection software for its VXR vision pack inspection system. This innovative technology ensures unparalleled accuracy, safeguarding brand owners from potential financial losses, product recalls, and substantial fines.

The advanced detection software is now available to existing VXR customers and can also be requested as an optional feature on new machines. In today’s rapidly advancing end-of-line automation landscape, it is imperative to rely on automated systems for product pack quality inspection rather than subjective human eye or camera-based methods.

Ravenwood’s X-ray inspection technology now offers a comprehensive solution for standard product contamination checks as well as the new seal contamination detection. Detecting contaminated packs that make their way to retail shelves is crucial in preventing product spoilage and preserving shelf life. The consequences of contaminated packs reaching consumers can lead to severe financial repercussions and damage to brand reputations.

James Large, Ravenwood’s VXR and vision product manager, emphasized the significant production quality enhancement brought about by this technology. The VXR’s fault-finding capabilities outperform traditional methods that depend on manual visual assessments and camera-based systems.

Traditional fault-finding methods present challenges, particularly in detecting seal contamination at high operating speeds or when there is limited color differentiation between the contaminant and the tray. Utilizing X-ray inspection technology to identify density variations in the seal area allows for precise detection of even the smallest traces of contamination.

The new seal contamination inspection system operates seamlessly with minimal operator intervention, facilitating thorough checks on each pack even at high line speeds. It effortlessly integrates standard X-ray functionalities, exhibiting two images on the VXR interface: one for standard X-ray contamination detection and another for seal contamination detection.

Ravenwood’s VXR Vision Pack Inspection System stands out as the ultimate end-of-line solution for analyzing contaminants and ensuring flawless linerless labels. Available either as a standalone unit with Vision or integrated with the Ravenwood Nobac 5000 line of linerless label applicators, this system sets the highest industry standard for food packaging inspection.

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