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Provisur Technologies to Launch Advanced Solutions and Improved Heritage Brands at CFIA 2024

Provisur Technologies to Launch Advanced Solutions and Improved Heritage Brands at CFIA 2024 CFIA 2024, cutting-edge solutions, high performance, legacy brands, Provisur Technologies Food and Beverage Business

Provisur Technologies aims to redefine industrial food processing at CFIA 2024 with its innovative Formax free movement system (FMS) and state-of-the-art solutions from the company’s long-established brands for mixing and grinding, DMC (defrosting, marinating and cooking), and separation.

In addition to showcasing solutions from Hoegger Form Pressing and Formax Slicing, Provisur will present the Formax FMS, featuring a revolutionary design that reduces space requirements.

The core features of the Formax FMS include a handling and buffer plate, along with transport units known as movers, available in different sizes to efficiently handle products up to 1.5 kg. The movers operate on magnetic fields, without contact, eliminating the need for guiding elements such as rails or conveyor belts. The system achieves high-speed processing, handling up to 100 incoming and outgoing portions per minute, of multiple assortment portions within a minimal footprint.

Further processing will be highlighted with the Weiler and Formax brands. The high-performance Novamax 400 former is designed for a high processing rate in the forming of burger patties, meatballs, chicken nuggets, and more.

Provisur’s Weiler brand offers a diverse range of inventive mixing, grinding, and material handling solutions for meat, poultry, seafood, and pet food, establishing industry benchmarks.

Lutetia, a leading Provisur brand, specializes in the processing of sensitive products such as fillet requiring gentle handling during defrosting, smoking, or cooking with chambers or tumbler processes.

Utilizing a combination of rotation, belt, and pressing technologies, the Provisur portfolio stands out for delivering comprehensive separation processes essential for the efficient production of meat, poultry, and various raw materials such as potatoes, fruit, vegetables, and depacking. Through machinery from AM2C, Beehive, and Hoegger, Provisur provides solutions with diverse performance parameters that share a common goal: achieving high-yield separation of bone fragments, sinew, cartilage, and other materials.

Provisur Technologies will be at Hall 8, booth 8-D44 at CFIA 2024.

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