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Processing Equipment’s Contribution to Cooked Meat Products: Exploring Interfood

Processing Equipment's Contribution to Cooked Meat Products: Exploring Interfood cooked meat products, Interfood, processing equipment Food and Beverage Business

Selecting the right processing equipment is crucial for success in the highly competitive market of cooked meat products. According to Interfood Technology, a trusted supplier for leading food manufacturers and brands, the reliability and controllability of processing equipment play a significant role in achieving consistent product quality.

Interfood offers a diverse range of equipment for cooked meat product production, ranging from stand-alone machines to fully integrated processing lines. One standout example is the KK Universal-Circulation System from Maurer Atmos, known for its efficient and controlled cooking solutions. With a focus on high production capacity and low investment costs, this system ensures optimal results in the shortest possible time.

The KK system is equipped with data capture systems that provide complete visibility of process graphs through a user-friendly HMI and network connection. This equipment, heated by steam or electricity, can be seamlessly integrated into any factory setup. The interlocked loading and unloading doors ensure clear segregation between high and low care production areas. Additionally, apart from cooking, the KK system offers pasteurization capabilities and provides the option to add a showering process with cold water.

An advantageous feature of the KK system is its small footprint, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements. Alongside the KK, Interfood also offers the Maurer Atmos ASR range. Renowned as the ‘all-round-system,’ the ASR excels in smoking and cooking products, offering a wide variety of flavors and colors. For roasting applications, the Afoheat Select Infrared Roaster by Interfood is highly recommended. Combining gas-fired infrared radiation with convective heat, this continuous roaster efficiently develops surface color and flavor, as well as sets glazes and coatings on various meats, including poultry, burgers, sausages, and seafood.

With customization at its core, the Afoheat Select Infrared Roaster is designed and built to meet specific customer requirements. It accommodates raw, cooked, chilled, or frozen products. This versatile solution can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated into a continuous thermal processing line. Its control system adjusts power and fan speeds independently for each burner, ensuring precise and consistent results. The roaster can roast and sear on multiple sides simultaneously, reducing yield loss and energy costs compared to traditional batch systems.

For applications requiring grill marking, the Afoheat Select Grill Marker is the perfect companion. It adds authentic chargrill stripes to a broad range of meat products, significantly enhancing their shelf appeal. When combined with the Infrared Roaster and the Afoheat Select Flame Searer, it creates a unified unit for combined grilling and bar marking.

In conclusion, selecting the right processing equipment is paramount for achieving success in the cooked meat product market. Interfood Technology, with its extensive range of reliable and controllable equipment, including the KK Universal-Circulation System, Maurer Atmos ASR range, Afoheat Select Infrared Roaster, and Afoheat Select Grill Marker, offers top-notch solutions to meet the specific needs of food manufacturers. Investing in this high-quality equipment ensures consistent product quality and sets businesses apart in a competitive industry.

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